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Why Keep


  • Keep adds digital accountability to help business partners see operations more clearly and managers stay organized.
  • Enable District/Area Managers to easily plan for in-store visits by reviewing book contents ahead of time and at their convenience.


  • View the status of any task at any of your locations and stay on top of your manager’s shift-to-shift communication, progress and performance over time.
  • Search for specific Red Book pages from the past.
  • Inform Above Store Management with “at-a-glance” dashboards and ability to view pages from any book, anywhere, at any time.


  • See how well your managers are completing their checklists and use that information to drive the right kinds of behaviors.
  • View all locations at once or drill down into various hierarchies. Toggle to see your completion rates by day or for the full week.
  • Increase team member accountability and engagement.
  • Store critical pages in case of legal actions or complaints with easy access and retrieval.

Who We Are

We partner closely with customers to understand and define their pain points in order to find the right solution.

Keep is the digital companion to the Manager's Red Book that managers already know and love. It provides the right level of accountability and reporting to truly realize the effectiveness of Manager's Red Book.

We have helped organizations deliver consistency and ensure quality experiences for their customers at over 80,000 locations. As a result we have identified many best practices that can be communicated and tracked digitally through Keep.

Keep amplifies the effectiveness of Manager's Red Book by reflecting the personalization from the book and the ability to track and report on execution.

Every business has certain standards they know must be met—every day, everywhere—in order to achieve their vision and mission. We find managers are the key to profitability. By reinforcing positive behaviors that drive your standards home, you can quickly bring about resounding change across your organization. The Manager’s Red Book began as a simple communication tool and evolved into a performance playbook that gets your employees to live the standards you believe in.
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